A Year in the Life of a Cockapoo

A Year in the Life of Bonnie…

Why? Who’s Bonnie?

If you follow me on any form of social media, you’re probably aware that we have a lovely cockapoo, called Bonnie. As someone who was 100% not a dog person, Bonnie has well and truly won my heart! I may not like other dogs, but I love Bonnie.

Come September, I will be moving to university. I’ll hopefully be sharing more about this in the not too distant future, but for now, that means I’ll be away from home for months at a time – and I’m definitely going to be missing Bon.

(Disclaimer: I will also miss my parents & sister etc. but while you can facetime a human, it’s not quite the same with a dog…)

Bonnie is probably one of the cutest dogs I’ve seen (totally not biased), but for the most part, she’s a cross between a ball of fluff, and a teddy bear. In order to try and ward off some of the inevitable homesickness, I’ve put together some of my favourite photos of Bonnie over the last year.

(Even from these photos, you can see some of her habits and traits!) 

Anyway, enough from me – I hope you find Bonnie as cute as I do, and enjoy this insight into the life of a Cockapoo pup! (She’s 3&1/2, but still a puppy in my eyes)


Was it something I said?


I guess if there’s one thing that’s inevitable during the winter months (and autumn and spring), is that mud generally goes hand in hand with walks…

We’ve had a couple of spectacular ‘mud baths’ this year, and of course, the much needed bath after to remove said mud!



Just before you jump to conclusions, that’s not me! ^ (My sister is clearly a fan of lying on the floor…)

We had a couple of cold spells in February and March, and clearly Bonnie didn’t escape!

Talking of escaping; we managed to get away to the coast for a day and enjoyed the Winter sunshine (while it was around). We were hoping for a beach, but were disappointed when we arrived and discovered the tide was in!

(Maybe better luck next time?)


First week of March; means that Spring is on it’s way? Right?

Or not. 2018 decided that March meant snow..! 

And of course, what better to do with snow than to eat it?

March also involved a lot of sleeping. And watching TV?


and lots and lots of cuddles! 



I’m amazed we’ve got to April without a window sill or sofa photo… But this is one of Bon’s favourite look out posts – the world isn’t right if she can’t see what’s going on outside.

And she even hides behind the curtains if she thinks we’re not looking…

Puppy Dog Eyes… (Do I look innocent yet?)

We also took a trip to the seaside (notice a theme) where Bonnie embraced her rock climbing skills!



Cuddles & Snuggles



Go for a walk, and pretend that revision has entrapped you behind table legs…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Waiting for my people to come home!

Like many of us, Bonnie is afraid of thunder. So Ruth’s technique was to bundle her up in a duvet to protect her…



The one with the waggly tail…!

Coming home to find a doggy on the window sill means nothing but to start singing that song!


YearinCockapooLife AUG

You mean I get to go on holiday?

When her people go on holiday, Bonnie goes on holiday too! I think she thoroughly enjoys her time away (and we don’t really get a look in!)



What do you mean, it’s ‘back to school’?

When doing the school run in September, I occasionally brought Bonnie with me. She was fascinated by everyone who walked past, and completely missed the fact that my sister got in the car!


October is when Autumn usually gets into full swing. And so that meant, lots of lovely walks (with a camera accompanying), as the leaves start to change colour, but we’ve still got the glimpse of the sun!

And of course, the inevitable snoozes post-run!





December means Christmas, TV and snuggles on the sofa, doesn’t it?


I’m basically just a teddy bear, aren’t I?


And that basically sums up Bonnie in a year. I have countless more photos, we’ve been on more walks than are pictured, and we’ve had far more cuddles than are witnessed. But she’s a companion, a friend, and most of all, one of the best comforts when upset. After all, you don’t need a hot water bottle when there’s a pup willing to give love!

I’m going to miss this fluff-ball when I’m away next year, so for the next four months, I’m going to make the most of all the time I’ve got with her!

For now though, goodbye from both Bonnie and myself!

Han x


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