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Reclaiming Christmas | Christmas with a Difference

I think the tag line of today’s post could be:

            “I want to put CHRIST back into Christmas”

And that goes beyond just myself, but ultimately, for the world to recognise the truth of Christmas.

Christmas is a weird time of year, and one where it’s so easy to get wrapped up in materialism (as I mentioned here). But when we live in a society where money seems to make the world go round.

Let’s take Christmas adverts for example: The John Lewis advert is generally one of the most remembered Christmas adverts, and there’s a week in November where people get excited about it. The ‘Moz the Monster’ ad cost John Lewis £7million to make, and buy TV airtime. Apparently, companies in 2016 spent £5.6 BILLION on marketing in the lead up to Christmas.

This just makes me think more: how can we avoid it? Is there any escape?


If all people associate with Christmas is presents, Santa and festivities – what are we doing? Sure, people may be vaguely familiar with the Nativity story from a distant memory of being involved in one as a child, or even watching their child in one at school. Yet – there is a great deal more to Christmas than the story of the Nativity.

While the Nativity expresses the story of Jesus’s birth, it doesn’t quite delve into the true love that is shown throughout. There would be NO Christmas without Jesus.

The first gift, and the greatest gift, was Jesus. Without him, we’d be nothing.


One of the things that frustrates me the most is how frequently ‘XMAS’ is used in advertising and media. It takes the whole point of Christmas out of it, just in an effort to shorten it. We could say the same about ‘Chrimbo’ – to try and fit in with some extra slang.


How do we change it?

One thought is to start talking. Talk about what Christmas means to you, and why actually, we can’t just let the season pass without mentioning the amazing Good News of the real reason for Christmas.

Or, invite people. If you’ve got Christmas services at Church, invite friends along. They may never have heard the truth by which we live, and Christmas is the best time to invite them. Just try it; the worst thing they can say is no.


Let’s not let this Christmas pass with the most pressing issues being last-minute Christmas shopping, and Boxing Day sales. Can we challenge the ‘money, money, money’ attitude and get sights set on something more?

If you’ve got any ideas yourself, let me know. How do you make sure that ‘Christ’ belongs firmly in ‘Christmas’ for you?






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