One Month In.

One Month In.

It’s me, I’m back again! Blogging is such an escape for me – I really value being able to spend some time putting together my thoughts, in a way that forces me to reflect and think about what’s been going on… and so, without further ado, here we go!

What a strange thing time is…

Each and every week I find myself confused, and amazed by the whole concept of time. Without getting into a philosophical/theoretical discussion about the whole idea (and trust me, we’ve done that in tutorials…it’s enough to make your brain go bananas), time is something pretty cool.

Each day that passes can feel like it’s dragging; as if I’m living several days all in one…yet we get to Thursday night, at Wind Band rehearsal – and I’m staggered that another week has gone by already.

As it is, I’m sitting here, quite unable to believe that a month ago was the day I moved into halls. It’s been a weird month…I can say that for sure.

St Andrews Sunset

On Finding My Place.

I think one of the things a lot of people look forward to is “finding their people”, or “finding their place”.

To making this new place, my home.

It’s not home yet. But I’m working my way from the outskirts, into a sense of belonging. It’s so easy to feel like life is continuing around you, with people slotting into their own jigsaw puzzle, yet you’re left standing on the pavement, watching it happen. I know I felt like that, and sometimes still do.

But what I will say, is having found a Church to get plugged into; joined a homegroup – who were so welcoming and wanted to invite me into their extended family, and slowly but surely getting to know people a bit more deeply – it all makes a difference.


Feeling on the edge of everything is really tough. Being someone who finds social interactions and just generally making friends difficult, and exhausting – the last month has pushed me to my limits. I feel as if I’ve been on the go 24/7 – being a friendly, approachable person, while making friends, learning new things, working hard (yes, I’ve written my first essay!!!) – it’s been intense.

I’m hoping things will start to turn a corner soon; because if I’m honest, despite trying to find a good balance – I’m exhausted. Reading Week is just around the corner, and if I can make it to then, I can rest, soak up some family love, and a LOT of Bonnie cuddles.

(After all, what’s the point of having a really affectionate cockapoo if you don’t get any cuddles?)


Some September Achievements

  • In the first place, I’m going to say it’s a huge achievement that I’ve made it a month living on my own! I’ve sorted my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and cooked at the weekend.


  • I’ve not become a recluse! Despite it being tempting at times just to hide, I’ve gone out, pushed my comfort zones, and made new friends – putting myself in social situations that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to, but it’s all worked out in the end.

On that note, I’ve learnt to recognise when ‘enough is enough’. When it’s more sensible (and productive), to call it quits for an evening, to chill, get an early night, and re-focus the following morning with a renewed sense of purpose (and productivity!)

This is almost definitely something I NEVER did at school – and so I’m proud that what I tried to teach myself last year is sticking around.


  • Survived 3 weeks of lectures and tutorials! It’s such a different style of learning to school – and it definitely took me aback when we first started. It took me at least two weeks to understand what was going on in some of my lectures…and to be able to say now I have more of an idea is definitely a success!

Tutorials are also a really strange experience… I think once I’m used to them, I’ll love that style of learning, and discussion!


  • Written my first academic essay…the first (of many), being an Arts student. It’s been an adventure; I had no idea what I was doing – but hopefully some of it is right!


  • Picked up my music again! I mentioned in this post that I was so excited to join my own ensembles and get stuck back into music again, and I’ve done it! I’ve even got the opportunity to sing Handel’s “Messiah” – such a dream!!


  • Made friends; gone on adventures, and spent time revelling in the beauty of the place that I now live!


There have been more, I’m sure – but they’re not that important right now. I guess I wanted to end this post by saying one last thing.

A month ago I was daunted by the huge amount of uncertainty that lay ahead of me. How little I knew, or could comprehend about what I was about to embark on. What I did know, was that God had led me to being where I am right now – and it was for me to trust Him in where I was at.

God doesn’t let us go. His guiding hand is there – holding us up, even when we feel like we’re sinking.

As a very wise friend said;

Even when we feel like we’re sinking, God’s holding us up out of those waves. We are His, and He’s in control of the storm.


I’m one month in to my university adventure. Time is going to fly by – just like I started off by saying. So in many ways – this is a chance for me to document just a snippet of what this chapter is like. And I’m so glad to be able to bring you along with me.

A problem shared is a problem halved; and an experience shared is one that can be learnt from – those lessons we learn when things get tough, or when God speaks to us in the every-day; they’re important.

Thank you for joining me along the next little step!


With love,

Han x



  1. Karen Mackay
    11th October 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Glad to have you ‘back’. Love your writings.Blessed by them.Praying…for you all.💜

    • Hannah
      14th October 2018 / 1:12 pm

      Thank you so much Karen, I really appreciate your prayers, and for also reading and following this journey with me! xx

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