New Month, New Beginnings

How is it October? Where did September go? How did I survive a month of not having a routine, or not going to school?

It’s been a strange month; a definite change of pace, change in mind-set, and change in my expectations. Meeting people for coffee (or tea, which is the norm), saying goodbye to friends, and watching a fair amount of daytime television…! That said, I’ve come to realise how important it is. Learning how to just ‘be’. In many ways, that’s a foreign concept, and not one that is a common occurrence in society today. We live very much in a 24/7 culture. Whether that’s wanting an immediate answer to a question (“Let’s Google it” is a common phrase), or expecting responses within 10 minutes of sending a text: it’s easy to see we’ve become impatient people.

I’ve also realised how important self-care is. Included in that is listening to my body, and stopping when it’s telling me to. I’ve had a couple of busy weeks, where I’ve tried to cram things in every waking minute, often as a distraction technique. But equally, by the end of those weeks, I’m so exhausted that although I’m physically in a certain place, I’m not present. While that has been the norm over the last few months – I don’t want it to be the case anymore. I have the opportunity to slow down, take time for myself, and learn to live life in a new way. Although this is bizarre for me, and a totally strange concept – I need to make the most of the opportunity that has arisen.


I want to take the time to learn how to be present this year.


This month I have the opportunity to start something new; plans have fallen into place and it’s been clear to me that God’s hand has been guiding the whole thing. I’ve got a chance to learn and to meet new people. And most importantly, to grow in ways that I probably can’t anticipate nor expect. (But watch this space..!)

I’m excited about what this year holds now. There’s more in store than I could have imagined, and while it doesn’t involve spending six months in Nepal, there are other adventures on the cards. It’s been a steep learning curve over the last month, and adjusting to life without school and without plans has been a challenge. But, the truth of the matter is, God is in control. I’m where I am at the moment because He wants me to be. I’m just trusting.


October, for me, is marking new beginnings; for that, I’m grateful.


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