Introducing my Bullet Journal

Oh my, this is definitely a post for the stationery lovers out there. My bullet journal has become a trusty friend since the beginning of 2016, and somehow lasted me until the end of the summer. With changes afoot this year, and only about 20 pages left, I decided to make a new one.

Today I thought I’d introduce how I use my bullet journal, and join the bandwagon of bloggers who adore the system. Disclaimer: I’m totally up for receiving any ideas/suggestions/tips or just new inspiration for my bullet journal.


I’ve got a mixture of organisation pages – just so I know what I’m doing. This time round I’ve gone fairly minimal – the colour is simple, surprisingly there is NO washi tape in it at all yet!BulletJournal7BulletJournal12

As well as keeping track of what’s going on, I’ve got a couple of to-do lists. I’ve discovered that I don’t have the same need for daily logs at the moment, at least not in comparison to the lists of homework and other stuff I had from school. So I’m just keeping one running list – to try and keep me on track!



I’ve also got a mixture of planning pages, specifically blog related. I’m really excited to keep adding to my map – it’s amazing to see where people are reading from! (although that could just be the inner-geek)



To top it all off, I’ve got the usual set of lists. I’ve put my own spin on some of the things I’ve seen on Pinterest: such as making a Disney film tracker! I’m so bad at watching films, but really want to watch some more Disney films!


Plus, it’s always nice to be able to keep track of events – I’m embracing the notebook as a whole, so I only have to carry one around with me (or that’s the plan!)


I’m enjoying the freedom of my new bullet journal and the layouts – and I’m actually finding that simplicity is key. I’m still on the hunt for ideas and suggestions – so send them my way, or getting chatting on twitter!

Till next time!


P.S. come and pin with me!

Pinterest - Bullet Journal



    • Hannah
      28th October 2017 / 9:58 pm

      you can join me with the stationery addiction! It’s so bad – but so good at the same time! thanks for commenting 🙂

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