Introducing: Christmas with a Difference

Christmas with a Difference

Christmas comes around every year, and I often think it comes around before we know it each and every year. As if every year that I get older, a year seems to become shorter? Weird, I know, but still a very real feeling! Either way, as we approach what can be one of the busiest seasons of all, I’ve decided to create a space to allow me to explore some of the less thought of aspects of Christmas.


My hope is that maybe you’ll be able to sit down every so often with a cuppa, maybe a hot chocolate, or a good ol’ cup of tea, but take some time out to think and to stop – because it’s all too possible in the Christmas period to “GO GO GO” – only to find you’ve blinked, and it’s over.


Instead of the usual blogs about Christmas, I want to go a bit deeper. I’m as much a fan as the rest of you of gift lists/ideas, Christmas recipes or even the reviews of the Christmas menus from the coffee shops (just a heads up, the Hot Spiced Apple from Costa has become a firm favourite), but there’s so much more that can go ignored.


I want to talk about WHY we celebrate Christmas, and WHY it’s important. That may also mean I talk about HOW, but ultimately, I want to share the TRUTH.


There’s also almost this unspoken knowledge about Christmas – how for a lot of people, it is one of the hardest times of year. Christmas isn’t all fun and games, and I think it’s really important that people, myself included, are reminded of that.


And ultimately, I want to encourage you to ‘BE’ this year. Take some time out – time to stop, to reflect, and to rest. Each and every one of you matter, and if the holiday season can be a time of restoration, I want to pray that over you.


Here’s to the start of Christmas with a Difference, and the first Christmas on my blog. It’s the first time in several years where I feel like I can properly celebrate (NO REVISION, YAY!!!) and I want to make the most of that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts over the next month or so – please get in touch, either through Twitter or commenting below. If my words spark a conversation – or a question, please share!




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