Christmas Lights @ Kew

Christmas Lights @ Kew | Christmas with a Difference

As anyone with a December/Winter Birthday will know, it’s really hard to find good ways to celebrate (especially if you’re a naturally circulated person, and being outside isn’t much fun! Last year, to celebrate my 18th Birthday, I spent the day with my family, and finished up with walking round the Christmas Illuminations display at Kew Gardens.

While it was cold, we wrapped up warm (numerous layers, hats, gloves and scarves) and enjoyed the walk round. The place looked spectacular, and it’s amazing the different things you can spot when the lights are altered from ordinary daylight!

Here are some of my favourites from last years’ display:


They even had a 12 Days of Christmas display!




FOUR Calling Birds

THREE French Hens, TWO Turtle Doves….. 


…AND A Partridge in a Pear Tree!

This lovely looking tree was nicknamed the ‘Bagpuss’ Tree by my family – we thought the colours matched it exactly!


One of the highlights was by far the beehive – one of the ‘live’ installations at Kew. Inside, you can interact with the installation, and it plays tricks on you with clever noises, but with the lights inside, it looked stunning.


There were also some lovely simple white lights, which really contrasted with the colours dotted around the walk.

The final stop before the end of the walk was an illuminations show over the lake, looking to the glasshouse. This was stunning, and I love being able to experiment with my camera, which I’d received that day as a gift!


Even the front of the house was lit up!

I really enjoyed my evening, and it was a lovely way to feel Christmassy even after Christmas. There are a fair number of these types of walks around now, so if you’re interested, I’d thoroughly recommend looking into it! You may have to book early though!



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