Introducing: Christmas with a Difference

Christmas comes around every year, and I often think it comes around before we know it each and every year. As if every year that I get older, a year seems to become shorter? Weird, I know, but still a very real feeling! Either way, as we approach what can be one of the busiest seasons of all, I’ve decided to create a space to allow me to explore some of the less thought of aspects of Christmas.

Teetotal Teen

How often does the question ‘Do you want to go for drinks?’ come up in everyday conversation, especially when trying to make plans. It’s almost become the norm that since turning 18, all of us HAVE to go somewhere that provides alcohol: as if you can’t have fun without it.

‘Stained Glass Masquerade’

Have you ever felt like you’re living behind masks? Like the person people see isn’t really you? Have we got to the point where we build up barriers: thinking we’re protecting ourselves, but in reality, we’re distorting the truth?

A Halloween Alternative

Disclaimer: I don’t like Halloween. I feel like that is quite a bold statement to make, especially among the blogging community. For the past couple…

A Picture-Perfect World?

Has social media, and the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, created an unattainable reality? I’m aware that I’ve recently shared my thoughts on social media,…

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