Autumn Adventures

Autumn is by far one of the prettiest seasons; low sun, changing leaves, and the beginnings of crisp mornings all contribute to a lovely time of year. I’ve noticed it especially this year as I’m not in school – I have the chance to go out and explore during the day, and take Bonnie (my favourite cockerpoo) along with me!


Into the Wardrobe…

A couple of weeks ago I found out about a set of sculptures in a local woodland area. There are installations from C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Despite being too scared to watch the film in its entirety (yes, I still haven’t watched it…in Year 4 I made an egg-cosy instead while my class watched it), I love the story and the imagery that Lewis created. It was great fun trying to find the sculptures, and we weren’t disappointed when we found them.


Lucy and the Lamppost

The sculptures were intricately carved, and also pretty huge! This one of Aslan just portrayed the power and might of the Lion; especially poignant given the metaphorical meaning that Lewis created, with Jesus as Aslan.



The next stop on this adventure was the wardrobe. Lucy’s first taste of Narnia was falling through the coats in the old, wooden wardrobe, and it was exactly this that the sculpture allows.

Exploring AutumnExploringAutumn3

The last sculpture was a little harder to find: hidden among the trees, and rather fittingly, could only be seen from certain angles. Just like the White Queen in the film, she stood imposingly in the forest. But yet again, the sculpture was detailed and impressive.


Leaves and Berries

I’ve also had a lot of fun with photography, and testing myself with different subjects. By no means do I think I’m any good, but I will improve with practise!


Autumn is beautiful – and while I’m on the verge of starting to hibernate, I’m looking forward to spring, and longer, brighter days. For the meantime though, hibernating is looking like a good option. You can’t beat blankets, fairy lights, thermals and a bucket load of tea (and hot chocolate)!




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