An Edinburgh Christmas

There’s a lot in store for change on the blog – but I’m restarting my travel section with a bit of a glimpse into the Edinburgh Christmas market this year!

One of the joys of living in St Andrews is that it’s pretty easy to get to Edinburgh.. (about the only place easy to get to mind, it’s a little bit isolated..!) But this meant that Edinburgh Christmas markets were definitely on the cards – and had been for several months. All we needed was to find out when our exams were, and then plan accordingly!

Thankfully we managed to find a day that worked, and headed over to feel festive in the city – and it was such a lovely day! I thought I’d share a few of the highlights – and things to look out for if you’re near Edinburgh this Christmas!

We arrived late morning, and were able to wander around without too many people around. It was definitely worth visiting on a weekday – but if you’re able to handle crowds, then this probably isn’t too much of an issue.

There are several rides, including a ferris wheel. I’d highly recommend booking online in advance, as it knocks a few pounds off the price of the rides.

Edinburgh Christmas 2018 (Blog) 18

One of my favourite things about Christmas time is all the lights – and it was a treat to see the markets come alive as the sun began to set. (Which given we’re in Scotland, happened pretty much before 4pm..!)

What’s a Christmas market without some food? There were so many different stalls, serving waffles, crepes, chocolate fountains, mini pancakes – and then also savoury options, including raclettes and pretzels. There was also a selection of drinks available – the hot chocolates were very, very good – and when we couldn’t find many non-alcoholic options, we ended up drinking hot apple juice! Very warming, and a lot cheaper!

Edinburgh Christmas 2018 (Blog) 11

It was definitely a fun day out, albeit very cold, so remember to wrap up warm! The Edinburgh Christmas festivities are open until the 5th January 2019 – so it’s well worth a visit even after Christmas Day!

Are there any places you’ve visited this festive season that you’ve loved? If so, I’d love to hear all about them!

Till the next adventure,

Han x



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