About Me

Well…hi there!

Welcome to ‘Lion, Lamb and Me’!

I’m Hannah, currently a history student at St Andrews University in Scotland!

This blog was created in 2017, at the start of my gap year, and it’s been a real adventure creating my online space, documenting my year, and continuing to discover new ways of seeing and sharing the world. 

It’s been very much a blog for me, to challenge myself to see the world in new ways, to reflect on life; and realise what I’ve been learning that I may be able to share with others. Just the odd, random message from people who have read my words and been touched or challenged means so much; and I love being able to connect with people in new ways.

In amongst studying, you can generally find me walking by the sea – (YES I live next to the sea now, and I love it), in a bookshop, or just sitting with a cup of tea. (I’m aware how many British stereotypes I’m filling right now).

You can find a bit of everything on here; whether that be lifestyle, university, mental health, or just reflections on life as a Christian – there’s something for everyone.

I’d love to hear from you if you want to get in touch!