A Snapshot of Pembrokeshire

Almost a year ago, my family and I went to explore the west coast of Wales, in the gorgeous county of Pembrokeshire.

I must admit before we go any further, a huge draw to this area was the beautiful Pembroke Castle (otherwise known as the birthplace of Henry VII). I was in the midst of researching and writing my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) about Margaret Beaufort, and was very excited to visit the place where she sought refuge, and gave birth to the first Tudor King.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re probably all bored already, so I shall move on to the pretty beaches!



Tenby was beautiful – a gorgeous long stretching beach, colourful house fronts, and harbour with small, quaint boats. Plus, you can have a look round the lifeboat station too.

Freshwater West




Of course, you can’t go anywhere without the dog…

I feel like this was our first proper holiday with Bonnie (who is finally making her debut appearance on here!) She loved being able to run around on the beaches, and all the fresh air. I’m not sure how much sand she may have eaten while playing fetch though…and we did become more accustomed to the smell of wet dog by the end of the week!

Pembroke Castle


And finally, my favourite spot! We visited the castle twice; once in the evening, to get a good glimpse of the reflection across the moat, and again in the morning in order to explore the inside. The reflection was stunning, as was the evening sun.

I love any chance to explore an old building, especially castles or palaces that are steeped in the history that I’ve studied and know off the top of my head. Visiting Pembroke Castle was a great way to put my research into context, although it did make me slightly frustrated at the ‘artistic license’ taken by visitor guides to these places!


While we were there, we visited many other beaches, but I thought I’d just give you a little snapshot of the county. I loved Wales, and can’t wait till I can explore more some day.


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