A Picture-Perfect World?

Has social media, and the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, created an unattainable reality?

I’m aware that I’ve recently shared my thoughts on social media, but this is a slightly different aspect that I wanted to cover. Both Sophie, from ‘Attributes of a Waffler’ and I thought that this was an important thing to consider, and are writing our own thoughts. Her blog is amazing – with some stark honesty and writing to make you think; please check it out!

Everywhere you look, we’re faced with images of one kind or the other. Whether that’s in a newspaper, online, or on the TV, the world is run by media and appearances. While there’s an aspiration to meet certain standards, this can also have a detrimental effect.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm lover of Pinterest. It saved my GCSE Art, and I’ve found countless sources of inspiration for travelling, bullet journaling or even just how to start my blog up. But there is definitely a Pinterest aesthetic that is sometimes unattainable. I feel like we’re in a society driven by pretty pictures and the visual impact of things. I understand the appeal of aesthetics: my bullet journal often ends up with more washi tape than crossings out, and I’m constantly on the search for new ideas of how to make something look better.

Arguably, it’s the same with Instagram. My love for Instagram lies solely in the fact I can create a bank of memories – and have something to look back on. I think that’s why I’m struggling to get anywhere with my blogging account. I don’t know how to start afresh, when I know I can’t compete with the perfect themes, and matching filters for all the photos that are uploaded. Where can we draw the line? When is one too many filter too much? Or playing with the fundamentals of a photo? I feel like small edits are fine – but does this diminish reality?

I guess my thoughts on this come down to the final question. Do we live in a picture-perfect world? One where the images we share don’t reflect reality, but instead create an alternative one. I imagine that photos rarely reflect the honest emotions behind them; I know some do, but that’s rare. Photos in my eyes, have become another something to hide behind. I’m not saying we should get rid of them – instead, maybe think a bit more about what we do to the images we upload, and the ones we choose?

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